2021 News

Recently, NE successfully won the bidding of Porton Suzhou Phase II CGT platform Project Conceptual Design Service Package.

 Porton Suzhou focuses on providing gene and cell therapy CDMO platform for their customers. This project is located in Suzhou Biomedical Industrial Park (BioBAY), and plans to build a highly flexible and flexible multi-functional service platform covering gene therapy and cell therapy.  After the completion of the project, Proton intents to focus on strengthening adeno-associated virus (AAV) process development and GMP production capacity in gene therapy business, comprehensively improving the production capacity of GMP-grade plasmids, viruses and cell therapy products, so as to serve customers at the clinical stage and commercial stage at home and abroad.  

Refer to 恩宜将助力博腾生物基因与细胞治疗服务平台二期项目的建设,加快产能布局 (qq.com) for more details.