Project References


At NE, we are at the forefront of knowledge in this exciting journey and our project and customer portfolios represent global best practices and landmark facilities.  We are leading when it comes to fast establishment of new facilities, but we are equally resourceful when your issue is optimizing existing facilities.

We have served customers of different biological products:

Partially customer:

ABCO, Taizhou


Arthro-Anda, Tianjin

Boehringer Ingelheim, Shanghai

CP Guojian, Shanghai

Confidential, Nanjing


Junshi, Shanghai

Henrui, Suzhou

Main Luck, Shenzhen

Hepalink, Shenzhen

Henlius, Shanghai

Cellular Force, Taizhou

HY Bio, Wuhan

Kanda, Shanghai

Luye, Yantai

Novo Nordisk, Tianjin, Beijing

Novozymes Biopharma, Tianjin

mAb Venture, Shanghai

Minhai, Beijing

Shanghai Pharma, ADC, Shanghai

Synermore, Suzhou

United Cell, Shanghai / Indonesia

Wuxi AppTech, Shanghai

Xellia, Taizhou

ZheJiang Medicine, ADC,Shaoxing